Fine & Thinning Hair Needs Special Attention

The causes of hair loss or hair thinning are very individual. Thinning hair can result from many factors including genetics; medical conditions; certain medications; hormonal changes; metabolic imbalances; nutritional deficiencies; severe illnesses; surgeries; and physical or emotional stress. Hair loss can also result from the use of harsh chemicals that cause hair damage and breakage.

Whatever the cause, fine and thinning hair needs special attention. There are a number of ways to style, cut, and even color fine hair to give it the appearance of added body.   Emerald 2000 Salon specializes in fine and thinning hair and uses products designed for these hair types. Our color lines were chosen specifically because of their low ammonia content and conditioners built into the color.

Professional Color
Permanent or semi-permanent color, when applied by a professional stylist, can add body and volume to the hair. Over-the-counter hair dyes contain harsh chemicals and should be avoided as further hair loss can result from over-processing colored hair.

Volume-Building Hair Products
Specially formulated volumizing hair products that are sold in professional salons can also add body and volume to thinning hair. Over-the-counter volumizing products should be avoided as many contain paraffin which can build-up and weigh hair down, cause breakage and make hair unmanageable.

Keep Hair Clean and Conditioned
Today’s professional salon products contain fewer harmful chemicals so they are less damaging to the hair. While over-shampooing should be avoided, people with fine-textured hair do need to shampoo more frequently because fine hair does get dirty faster. Fine and thinning hair benefits from a good shampoo with delicate cleansing properties. A specially formulated volume-building conditioner will add volume and body without build-up. 

Styling Tips
Avoid vigorous towel drying or combing of wet hair that can cause hair to break. Before you dry the hair, you may want to apply a mousse or “root-lifter” to the roots near the scalp. Dry the hair at the root, then use the cool-shot button on your blowdryer to lock in the volume. Avoid or cut down on applying high heat from hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons directly onto the hair.

A professional stylist can recommend a style best suited for fine and thinning hair as well as the appropriate styling products and tools.

We invite you to come in for a free consultation so we can recommend a regimen to achieve your desired style. Call (856) 751-1881 to schedule an appointment!


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