The Sink Industry is Being Revolutionized!

Sinks and types of installation methods have gone through an evolution of materials, designs, and ingenuity. The Neanderthals used large rocks that were eroded into concave shapes by centuries of rain, as sinks.

The sink of today was introduced in the 1920s by the Monel Company, who manufactured sinks out of various metals including carbon, nickel, iron, manganese and silicon. During World War II those metals were needed for the war effort, forcing change in the sink industry. Stainless Steel sinks were introduced. Today there are a wide variety of materials to choose from: stainless steel, ceramic, glass, stone, wood, and now reinforced acrylic sinks.

The material aspects of sinks are not the only innovations. Sink integration has also changed the industry. Before you were limited to a top mount, drop in or under mount installation. Then the integral sink concept was introduced. This is a process where the sink and the countertop are fused together giving you a one piece worktop system. This method was first introduced in the solid surface industry. It was, and still is, the ultimate choice when it comes to hygiene and aesthetics.

The industry is once again being revolutionized. You can now get the same “seamed in” sink appearance and performance with a laminate top.

Wilsonart, the leader in the laminate industry, has introduced their line of Wilsonart HD sinks. Wilsonart HD sinks are reinforced acrylic sinks designed to be under mounted to laminate countertops. Wilsonart has developed an adhesive and installation method giving you a smooth transition from the laminate countertop into the sink.

The sinks have a curvaceous appeal. They include an integrated faucet deck with enough additional space for soap and sponges. HD sinks are deep and roomy with the drain position at the back of the sink leaving more storage room in the cabinet below.

HD sinks are strong, heat resistant and stain resistant, and are renewable. There are different style kitchen sinks as well as a vanity sinks available.

Karran is a unique solid surface sink. It is produced from a specially formulated acrylic resin, vacuum-formed and then reinforced for strength with a polyester/ fiberglass mix on the underside of the sink. In 2000, Karran developed a simple and effective method of permanently bonding their sinks to laminate. The counter and sink have a smooth transition. This mounting method provides a one piece worktop system. In addition to bonding to laminate, these sinks can be fused into solid surface material, stone or quartz. The sinks are not only stain, bacteria and scratch resistant, but are heat and impact resistant as well.

Like stainless steel sinks?

The EDGE Sink was recently introduced by Karran. This revolutionary design has replaced the traditional rim with a resin matrix consequently allowing a smooth transition into the countertop. No rims, no overhang, no mess! The Edge is the world’s first stainless steel sink that can be seamed under mounted (no lip) in laminate, solid surface and stone countertops achieving pure seamless integration. The EDGE is manufactured from18 gauge, type 304 stainless steel and has a brushed stainless finish. Varieties include kitchen, bath and bar sizes.

Wilsonart HD, Karran solid surface and Karran Edge sinks are revolutionizing the industry. These new sinks and mounting methods offer the benefits that you have come to expect: easy to keep clean, no rims, no overhangs, all at a very affordable price.

Think Sinks!

Article courtesy of Rosemary Leister, Fessenden Hall Inc.


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