Scholastic and Teachers Without Borders Re-launch TeacherShare, a Free Online Resource and Community for Educators

Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education, and media company, along with Teachers Without Borders, a global non-profit organization helping to advance human welfare through professional development, has re-launched TeacherShare, a free and fully open-source collection of multimedia lesson plans, curricula, and supplemental educational resources. New this year, TeacherShare unveils an interactive online community for educators from around the world to connect and share expertise.

Originally launched in 2009, TeacherShare has expanded its platform to include a new user-friendly interface and improved tools and features. Online groups and peer-to-peer messaging have been added for increased interaction between educators, and improved uploading assets and rating systems improve the overall functionality of the site. With this online resource, educators from schools throughout the world will be able to refine, adapt, and reuse the content for use in their own classrooms.

“Teachers are excited by the idea of free online educational content, but finding the right resources with the right collaborative tools remains difficult,” said David Goddy, Vice President, Education at eScholastic. “Scholastic is proud to work with Teachers Without Borders to make that process easier and more communal—creating a space for teachers helping teachers that will benefit students.”

TeacherShare harnesses the collective intelligence of teachers worldwide to create a vast collection of free lesson plans that can be used, adapted and restructured to accommodate the needs of any teacher using the network. TeacherShare provides thousands of digitized teaching, learning, and research resources that are free to use, edit, and repurpose and that are intended to be shared by educators. Since the initial launch a year ago, this site continues to grow and evolve as educators tweak and rework existing content for use in their own classrooms and add new, multimedia content of their own.

TeacherShare currently has 43,000 registered users and 3,800+ resources. Weekly visitors have grown to over 15,000 as of December 2010. This means 60,000 monthly visitors and over 125,000 monthly page views. 

Visit for more information about Scholastic’s TeacherShare program. For more information about Teachers Without Borders, visit


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