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Selecting a Safe Nail Salon
Camden County Woman
By Camden County Woman
Published on August 21, 2008
Selecting a Safe Nail Salon .. Questions You Should Ask

To help you decide if a salon provides sanitary nail services, nail and public health experts recommend asking and considering the following:
  • Is the salon licensed? If the license isn’t posted, ask to see it.
  • Are the nail technicians licensed? If the licenses aren’t posted, ask to see them.
  • How are nail implements sanitized? Heat sterilization (autoclaving) is best but chemical sterilization is also allowed. Ask the technician what the salon’s practices are. If they’re using a chemical solution, check the product’s label for words like “germicidal” to indicate that it is strong enough to kill bacteria.
  • Is there a pre-service scrub? Both the nail technician and the client should wash their hands with antimicrobial soap before nail work begins.
  • Is each customer given a fresh bowl of soapy water to soak their nails in and is a new nail file used for each customer? Both practices should be followed.
  • Is the facility neat and clean?
  • Is there a strong smell of fumes? If there is, it’s a sign that the facility is poorly ventilated.

Source: US Food & Drug Administration