Organizing According To Your Personality

Jill M. Banks

Most of us are pretty familiar with the concept of left brain vs. right brain personalities.  The left-brainers tend to be very logical, analytical, detail-oriented, and crave order; while the right-brainers are more creative, intuitive, imaginative, and holistic in their approach to processing information.  Did you know that the side of your brain you think with affects the way you naturally organize things?  It may seem that left-brainers are super-organized and right-brainers are not; the truth is that both types are equally organized, they just do it in completely different ways. 

People who are left-brain dominant are linear thinkers, and function best when the information they’re trying to process follows some kind of order or pattern. When they organize, they like things to be consistent and neat, so they’ll often use multiples of the same types of containers—binders, boxes, totes, drawers, etc. that are closed, and force the items inside to be arranged uniformly. They intuitively group things into categories, and use alphabetical or chronological order to organize things in a logical, predictable way.

Right-brainers are holistic, big-picture thinkers, and are most effective when they can use visual cues or descriptions to process information. The right-brained approach may seem scattered or random, but they instinctively think about things in terms of possibilities and relationships, which is consistent with their imaginative, creative natures. Because they are so visually oriented, right-brainers need to arrange things in ways that they can see—color-coding, open storage, labels, and bulletin boards are some of the organization methods they are most comfortable using.

Most people aren’t strictly left- or right-brained in their organizational approach 100% of the time; our personalities tend to dominate with the things that are most important to us.  That’s why we may be more organized at home than we are at work or school, or vice versa. Regardless of what we’re organizing, there’s no single method that works for everyone. As long as it lets you store and find your belongings quickly and easily, it’s the perfect system for you.

Jill M. Banks is the owner and lead design consultant of Happily Better After Room Redesign & Home Staging (, a firm specializing in home staging, room makeover, and professional organizing services. Since 2009, she has helped clients reveal the fabulous potential in their homes and offices. Ms. Banks has a Certificate in Interior Design from Temple University, and a B.A. in Business Administration from Rutgers University. She is the president of the Real Estate Staging Association’s (RESA) Southern NJ chapter, and is a member of NAWBO South Jersey and BNI International. She can be reached at (609) 880-9682.

As seen in Camden County Woman and Burlington County Woman


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