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Bancroft’s Top Exec Receives Equality Award For Her Leadership
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Published on June 25, 2012
Toni Pergolin, president and CEO of Bancroft, recently received the Alice Paul Institute’s Equality Award.

Toni Pergolin, president and CEO of Bancroft, recently received the Alice Paul Institute’s Equality Award.

The annual award honors people who “capture the spirit” of the late Alice Paul – a leader of the women’s suffrage movement and author of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Pergolin has been a strong and effective leader at Bancroft, a 128-year-old nonprofit that provides a full range of supports to people with autism, acquired brain injuries and other intellectual or developmental disabilities – from daycare to job training, special-education to in-home support. 

She is also committed to inspiring and mentoring other women. 

Said Pergolin upon accepting her award: “Let’s all join together to inspire our young ladies today with positive role models – like Alice Paul, like [Bancroft founder] Margaret Bancroft, like my mother, and like each one of us being honored here tonight. This award is the perfect way to inspire the dialogue.” 

Pergolin joined Bancroft eight years ago as chief financial officer, in the midst of severe financial challenges that threatened the organization’s existence. She helped Bancroft go from losing $13 million in 2004 to gaining $4 million in 2006 – the year she was named president and chief executive. She’s enabled the Haddonfield-based nonprofit to maintain that stability ever since.

“Alice Paul was a great champion of equal rights,” adds Pergolin, “and I have a similar mission at Bancroft: to help people with disabilities be treated equally, too, and make it one world for everyone.”

The Alice Paul Institute is a nonprofit organization based in Mount Laurel, N.J. – Paul’s birthplace – that promotes full gender equality and educates the public about Paul’s life and advocacy work. Bancroft annually serves 1,300 children and adults at sites in New Jersey,

Pennsylvania and Delaware. Programs include early childhood, education, vocational, supported employment, structured day programs, rehabilitation, community living, behavioral treatment, and in-home and outpatient services. A groundbreaking new daycare program serves children both with and without developmental disabilities.


Image:  Bancroft President and CEO Toni Pergolin (in checked jacket) recently received an award from the Alice Paul Institute. Here, Pergolin visits a Bancroft classroom for young children with autism.

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