Frank Filipek, Jr.
Last fall, the Camden County Board of Freeholders sponsored a job fair to help the thousands of people in our area who are looking for work. Approximately 1,200 people attended and 80 employers with current job openings were set up offering information on opportunities all across the area.

Patricia Raube Keller
Whether you are interested in sports for work or for play, Camden County College offers a range of opportunities for you or your college-age children.

Today’s busy woman is looking for a fulfilling career that contributes to the family income, while allowing her to still attend school class trips, be the beloved soccer mom, and actually put home-cooked meals on the table. This is possible, as hundreds of women in the Delaware Valley find work-life balance, flexible schedules, and jobs as professional court reporters.

Frank Filipek, Jr.

After evaluating your background and work history, you need to dig deeper into your interests and skills. There are plenty of assessment tests out there to help you with this process. We like the CareerScope here at the One-Stop and you can schedule this test at anytime.  It will provide a detailed description of the various occupational areas that best fit your talents.

Marlene Lazarus
If you are interested in nursing or would like to advance within the field of nursing, Camden County College offers a study and career path that will take you from entry-level certified nurse aide (CNA) through studies that will allow you to transfer into a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) or registered nurse (RN) to BSN degree program.
Should there be any differentiation in training young men and women in light of what is judged as to the probability of professional opportunities?

Where can you find women who love their careers, have work-life balance with a flexible schedule, and feel that their jobs are rewarding and important to society?

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