Editorial Calendar
2013 Editorial Calendar

Burlington County Woman and Camden County Woman Magazines are published quarterly
(February, May, August, November)

Featured Categories:  Arts & Culture, Beauty, Business, Career, Education, Fashion, Finance, Fitness,  Food, Health, Home & Garden, Legal, Local Dining, Local Shopping, Pets, Real Estate, and Travel.  Additional categories may be added. 

Topics of interest may include, but are not limited to:

Spring 2013 
(February, March, April)

Closing Deadlines:  Space - January 4, 2013 / Materials Due - January 11, 2013

Beauty: Spring Beauty Trends
:  Graduate and Continuing Education Opportunities
Fashion: Spring Fashion Trends
Finance: Financial Planning for the Future
Fitness: Mind & Body Fitness
Food: Ethnic Fare -- Discover New Foods and Flavors
Health: Eye Health, Oral Health, Vein Health
Home: Do-It-Yourself Home Projects
Legal: Divorce Law, Family Law
Travel: Cruises
Inspiring Profiles: Women Balancing Work and Family

Summer 2013  (May, June, July)

Closing Deadlines: Space – April 5, 2013  / Materials Due – April 12, 2013

Beauty: Summer Beauty Trends
Education: Online Education Programs
Fashion: Summer Fashion Trends
Finance: Tips and Advice for Big Purchases
Fitness: Summer Fitness Tips
Food:  Local, Organic Fare
Health:  Allergy Care, Bone and Joint Health, Mental Health, Skin Cancer Protection
Home: Energy Saving Measures
Legal: Consumer Protection Law
Travel: Women's Retreats
Inspiring Profiles: Women in The Arts 

Fall 2013  (August, September, October)

Closing Deadlines:  Space – July 5, 2013  / Materials Due - July 12, 2013

Beauty: Fall Beauty Trends
Career: Changing Career Paths
Fashion: Fall Fashion Trends
Finance: Financial "Self Defense"
Fitness: Personal Safety and Self-Defense
Food: Gluten free and Allergy Friendly Foods
Health: Breast Health, Chiropractic Health, Digestive Health, Gynecologic Health
Home: Eco-Friendly Homes
Legal: Labor and Employment Law
Travel: Weekend Getaways
Inspiring Profiles: Women Who Have "Reinvented" Themselves

Winter 2013/2104  (November, December, January 2014)

Closing Deadlines:  Space - October 4, 2013  / Materials - October 11, 2013

Beauty: Winter Skin Care
Career: Finance and Insurance Careers
Fashion: Winter Fashion Trends
Finance: Debt Management
Fitness: Winter Workouts
Food: Healthy Dieting
Health:  Adult Orthodontics, Cosmetic Surgery, Foot Care, Smile Enhancement
Home: Clutter-Free Living
Legal: Wills & Estate Planning
Travel: Romantic Getaways
Profiles: Women on a Mission

Editorial calendar is subject to change. Editorial is not limited to these topics. Contributing Authors are encouraged to submit articles that pertain to their area of expertise.

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